About Mike

In the globalised corporate network, travel becomes a necessary procedure for doing business. After many successful years working in the branding industry, where Mike Staniford spent many hours filling sketchbooks in airport lounges and waiting rooms, drawing became a method for location-finding within the the world.

Mike has developed this study of transposition in his recent return to a full-time creative practice, as a writer and visual artist. Driven by the dynamism of interpretation, Mike paints with a strong commitment to the loaded brush. Colour, line and form work together in abstract paintings, compelled by a sense of their own energy; both in the changeable landscape which they represent, and in the expressive nature of Mike’s practice. Spontaneous and evocative, Mike’s work reflects the potency and power of his new boardroom, the vastness of nature and his own imagination.

Mike was also a recent finalist in both the Hunters Hill Art Prize and The Lethbridge 10000 Art Prize.

“I don’t want to give you a formal view but moreover to re-envision the shapes and forms I see before me. Actions that are deliberately spontaneous and to make shape and colour paramount in my work. To distill down the complexity of a scene and abstractly express the unfolding landscape. To give you a sense of the emotion, as well as the topography of the land.”